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Credit Application

    1. In vacating this shipment, the shipper agrees towards conditions mentioned in the contract, which can’t be altered by any agent or employee of the company, understanding that this bill of lading is NON-NEGOTIABLE has been made by the shipper or even on shipper’s behalf by PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation. It’s mutually acceded that the conditions attached with carriage for this shipment are generally influenced through PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation tariffs, designed for inspection from PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation offices, and which hereby are generally involved in this kind of contract.
    2. Shipper authenticates that this shipment is packed sufficiently to secure the shipment and guarantee safe transportation with customary care and handling.
    4. Because of the inherent way of the freight business, PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation does not GUARANTEE DELIVERY by the stipulated date or a stipulated time, nor should PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation be obligated for the consequences of the inability to make timely delivery.
    5. Aside overcharges, all claims must be received in written form by PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation within a month (30 days) after PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation acknowledged the shipment. Covered loss/damages must be accounted for IN WRITING TO PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation inside of 7 days after delivery or if perishables verbally within 24 hours, and with written follow-up within 2 days (48 hours) after delivery. No claims will be paid until transportation charges are cleared. Claims may not be deducted from the transportation charges. Legal action to authorize a case must be brought within one year after the case has been denied in writing by PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation in whole or to some extent.
    6. PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation obligation without a higher declared value for carriage, is restricted to $0.65 per pound per piece, however, not more than $50 per shipment whichever is higher. This confinement is liable to modification as distributed in PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation governing taxes in actuality at the time of this shipment. Pronounced values for carriage should be liable to an excess valuation charge.
    7. PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation should not be held responsible for loss, damages or delays brought about by Acts of God, terrorism, strikes, weather, labor disputes, public authorities, mechanical aircraft failures act or oversights of Customs or quarantine authorities, or civil commotions.
    8. Unless generally explicitly provided by PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation tariff is, and subject to any conditions or limitations contained in that the accompanying article won’t be acknowledged for carriage. Any shipment precluded by law, bonds, cash, coins of any kind, furs, fur dress, pearls, gems or stones (cut or uncut), industrial jewels, gold or silver coined concentrates, jewelry (other than ensemble gems), money, valuable metals, securities (negotiable), time-sensitive written material (e.g. bids, contract proposals when the declared worth surpasses $500, watches and parts thereof, and such different articles provided in PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation Governing tariffs and service guide. These limitations are liable to revision as distributed in PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation governing tariffs. PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation should not be held responsible for any loss, harm, deferral, liabilities or punishments coming about because of the transportation of any foregoing articles, however described or misdescribed in this Bill of Lading, and no worker or agent of PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation has any power to acknowledge for transportation such articles or to waive the restrictions thus contained. *The maximum coverage for “loss” created by or coming about because of theft of Covered Property comprising of Alcoholic Beverages, Batteries, Cameras, Computer Chips, Drug Store Supplies, Electronic Equipment, Firearms, Ammunition, Furs, Fur Trimmed Garments, Jewelry, Leather, Meats, Seafood, Precious, Semi-Precious Stones, Metals, Rubber Tires, Shoes for Men, Women & Children, Textiles, Wearing Apparel, Tobacco Products, TV Sets, Radios, Stereo, Video Equipment & Watchers is $5,000 or Five (5)%, WHICHEVER is LESS, of the limit of insurance applicable to the vehicle from which the Covered Property was stolen, regardless of whether a higher proclaimed worth was stated or paid.
    9. Rates and charges for this shipment will be taken into account real or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.
    10. If the dimensional weight of the articles is applied under tariff rule, show dimensions in inches on Bill of Landing in this manner: LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT/250.
    11. In case of an international shipment (aside from Canada destined shipments), obligation rules under the Warsaw Convention shall be levied and PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation acknowledges this Bill of Lading as a shipper’s Letter Instruction with approval to plan and sign on shipper’s behalf an international air waybill. For international shipments, PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation holds the reservation to go about as operators of the shipper, rather than the carrier and the direct carrier’s tariffs might apply to this shipment.
    12. The shipper, recipient and owner of the goods are mutually and severally accountable for the payment of and might reimburse the carrier against all unpaid transportation charges, advances and dispensing of the carrier, said repayment to incorporate all collection and lawful costs including legal expenses, which carrier may bring about over the span of any collection action carrier may make to uphold collection of reprobate charges due carrier.
    13. Invoices are expected in full within 30 days. After due invoices, thirty (30) days old, shall be charged. 1 ½ percent service charge for every month or maximum sum permissible by law. A minimum of ten dollars ($10.00) late charge may apply.
    14. For any inquiries with respect to this Bill of Lading, kindly contact PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation 888-739-3126.
    15. PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation has the exclusive authority to (a) substitute alternate carriers or different method of transportation and (b) select the routing or stray from that indicated on the face in this regard.
    16. Forum, Jurisdiction and venue shall be only in Phoenix, Arizona for all procedures.
    17. PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation shall have a lien on all shipments in its ownership, whether real or productive, tendered to it by the shipper for any sums due it by the shipper. This should be a general lien on all shipments in its ownership tendered by the shipper, and not restricted to a particular lien on shipments for which the charges are expected. Implementation of liens may be on any commercially sensible terms.

Subject to its sole prudence, PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation shall provide credit to qualified customers and may by agreement at first bill an intermediary, the authorized consignor, or the authorized assignee in the air way-bill or bill of lading. The freight charges paid within 30 days of the invoice without offset. An interest rate of 1 ½ % per month would be levied if the invoices are not paid within the 30 day period. If PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation makes efforts to collect any sum due, collection fees at the rate of 25% or $300, whichever is higher, shall apply.

  1. Payment Terms: Must be cleared within 30 days of the date of invoice.
  2. Disputes: Disputes must be brought into the notice of PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation within 14 days of receiving the invoice and are not an excuse for non-payment. Disputes should be cleared within 14 days.
  3. Collection Policies:
    • After 30 days -1 ½% PER MONTH service charge will be levied to invoice sum.
    • After 60 days- the services will be suspended.
    • After 90 days- the matter is sent to Collections and reported to all Credit Reporting Bureaus, including Dunn & Bradstreet, Trans Union, TRW, and Equifax.
  4. If paid by credit card, then a surcharged fee would be added to the invoice.

We would like to thank you for working with PHX Logistics Transportation Corporation and we look forward to provide the best-in-class support to you and your business in the future.

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